Research Needs A Reuse Feedback

To make it more reusable/reproducible

Aadi Narayana (ORCID ID: 1000-2123-2112-7889) from Brown University submitted a Reuse Instance.

DOI: 10.23942/OpenReuse.1535620114000

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Open Reuse Movement is an initiative to promote sharing of the individual researchers attempts & experience to reuse or reproduce the published research outputs & recognise their efforts towards facilitating easy reuse & reproducibility of a research output. It also allows researchers to open up & address the challenge irreproducibility in their individual & specific cases.
Research is hard to Reproduce/Replicate

Reusing/reproducing already published research is an integral part of doing research! Reporting the same would not only tend to enhance reproducibility but also a good means of letting others know, how good you are at bench!

-- Mohd. Shariq
National Post-doctoral fellow (DST-SERB)
National Institute of Pathology

Despite the hardships, We never gave up!

We Hack, Optimise, spend sleepless nights, troubleshoot and finally make research reusable for us.
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Frequently asked questions!
How can reuse feedback contribute to my career growth?

Research begins with Reuse and it has been said that almost 80% of the research that has been published is not easy to reuse/reproduce.

Despite the fact, we never gave up, we hack/troubleshoot and make things reusable for us. Given, these efforts of reuse be shared, we can make science more reproducibel.

Here are some of the benefits
      1. Make your efforts of reuse/reproduce recognisable.
      2. All your reuse efforts and results are citable with DOI.
      3. Use your reuse efforts to showcase how you have been reusing the research that you have been citing.
By leaving a reuse feedback, you contribute to reproducibility of a research artifacts, and by letting others know how you have been able to reproduce, you can facilitate reproducibility of the same.
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